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CH Bilbrough’s Red Hot Formal Affair “Tilloo” and Andrew Green, Agent


     The Norwich Terriers of  Rabbit Ridge Farm are located in Eastern Pennsylvania, near Valley Forge.  Our Norwich roam on our 8 acre horse farm.  We have been showing and breeding Mastiffs for over 20 years.  Norwich terriers were quite a change from our mastiffs.  We currently have only one mastiff at present in our family now and four Norwich.

     After almost 3 years of carefully researching the Norwich breed, bloodlines, their health issues, etc., we acquired our first Norwich, Royal Rock's Justa Smidgen "Smidge", from a very prominent breeder of over 25 years.  Shortly thereafter we acquired our second pup, CH Bilbrough’s Redhot Formal Affair “Tilloo”.  In 2008, Tilloo went on to win two days out of the three days at the Terrier Specialty shows, which are the largest terrier shows in the US.  This was quite a thrill for us, as the competition was very, very stiff.  In 2008 we acquired our boy,Grand CH Fentondale Rudy Rooster’s Rabbit Ridge “Rudy”, sired by CH Sandina Sorcerer “Rascal”.  Rascal was the number one Norwich Terrier in the country in the show ring. Perhaps you have seen him in dog shows which were aired on TV..  Rudy, his son, our stud  boy,  has competed in “Best of Breed” competitions, and has done very welI and is now a Grand Champion. All  our Norwich have had health testing and have CHIC numbers.


Rudy and Tilloo’s pups 

   We had the following OFA Health testing done on our stud boy Rudy and Tilloo as follows: 

OFA Hips: Good Rudy, Excellent Tilloo

OFA Heart :Rudy and Tilloo NORMAL

OFA Patellar:  Rudy and Tilloo NORMAL

Caine Eye Reg.: Rudy and Tilloo NORMAL

Grand CH Fentondale Rudy Rooster's Rabbit Ridge CHIC#66272

CH Bilbrough Redhot Formal Affair CHIC#66273 

      The Norwich is a terrier, but a bit different from your usual terrier breed.  They are known to have the mildest of dispositions and are the smallest of the terriers.  They are a very affectionate, smart, loyal and fearless breed, to say the least.  They are always ready for a romp in the field or to play with my two grandchildren, whom I sit for daily, along with their black and tan Norwich, Kimber.  Kimber is our Tilloo’s full sister.  The Norwich make great couch potatoes at the end of the day, loving nothing better then to be on your lap after a hard day at play.  Living on a horse farm, they make great “mousers”, too. They also do well at obedience shows, as I have been told.

 Left picture: Tilloo's pup.  Right Picture: Tilloo and Kimber as pups.


     The Norwich, as in all breeds, could have certain predisposed inherited health issues.  That is why you should make sure that you purchase your pup from a good bloodline, which has been carefully monitored over the years, to check for any health issues.  It is very important that you, before purchasing your pup, do your homework and are fully aware of these health issues and make sure the bloodline which you intend on purchasing has been carefully screened and monitored to the best of their knowledge to help eliminate many of these health issues.  As a good breeder, I only want to breed the best to improve the breed, not only for conformation, but also in health issues and disposition, too.

      We raise all our pups in our home with love and kindness as part of our family.  We try very hard to place them, when they are ready, in new homes which will also meet their needs.  All puppies are AKC, vet checked, wormed and vaccinated before being placed in their new homes.  We offer a replacement health guarantee for any hereditary health problems for 2 years, as detailed at the time of sale.


    The health, happiness and well-being of each of our pups is very important to us.  We do our very best to ensure that our pups are placed only with caring, KNOWLEDGEABLE buyers who have researched the Norwich Terrier breed and have carefully considered their decision to add a new puppy to their family.   We ask that people who are interested in our puppies, be willing to offer the same type of safe, happy homes that we offer.  They should be willing to offer a life-long commitment to our dogs.  A fenced yard is preferred, and our puppies must always live in the house with their new family.  We are always available to answer any questions, either by email or telephone, and we encourage you to keep in touch with us.

     We sincerely hope that all of our puppy placements are in permanent homes, for life.  In the event that the new owners are unable to care for their Norwich for any reason, the Norwich must be returned back to us, as we do not want our pups to ever end up in a shelter.  We want to know where they are, and that they are safe and happy. 

 From Left to right: Tilloo, Rudy, Smidge, and my son’s girl Kimber, a black and tan.  On our bed where they like to be the best.


If interested in acquiring one of our Norwich pups, please contact me by phone or e-mail.  Thank you for your interest in our Norwich Terriers.


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